I walk to school everyday. It’s a ten minute walk, not all that bad…

But danger lurks.

First things first.

Sometimes I’m listening to music, and a song I don’t wanna listen to pops up.


The solution would be to take my mp3 player out of my pocket and change the song— but then I see:

And the plan goes to shit.

I don’t wanna take my mp3 player out in front of a hobo. I’d feel like a jerk. They don’t even have a place to sleep and I’m all, “OMG I gotta change this song.”

I would beat the shit outta me if I were a hobo and I saw myself doin’ that.

Second trial.

I’m a happy person.

But sometimes, when I’m walking…

I smile.

And I don’t want any srangers to see me happy, so I try to stifle it down and then people look at me and I have to look away and GAH.


I’m a really fast walker.

And because I’m always zooming along, I get all hot. And then I try to slow down, but I CAN’T, because something inside of me keeps telling me to go faster.