“PowerPoints? Ew, Chey. You’re making me think of school.”

I apologize for that. Anyway. I think they deserve a blog post.

“What deseves a blog post? And why? Damn your vauge-ness!”


I find them to be ridiculously fun. Even when I am made to do them for school. It’s just something about them…

They’re sexo.

Anyway. I’ve got 4 creative (made-for-fun) PowerPoints under my belt, sort of.

1. John Cusack PowerPoint, (dedicated to him; all about him; oh yes).

2. A choose your own adventure PowerPoint game. (Did I just give you a seizure with my nerdiness?) It’s unfinished.

3. Beautiful People PowerPoint— recently completed and my dad approves.

4. A PowerPoint dedicated to my anime obsessions— haven’t even started this one yet…


(If you’d like to see these PowerPoints, send me an e-mail or something. [cheyannemontalvo@gmail.com]).