This is Just all Over the Place. Thursday, Mar 31 2011 




It’s 11 PM and I’m feeling especially useless, so I’ll unload a big rant about things I’ve been thinking about, you’ll wonder why I’m a freak, and then next Thursday I’ll hope that you forgot I said I was gonna update weekly.

Let’s go!


I recently downloaded a new game! Dracula: Origin.

It’s hard as fuck and makes me feel stupid. But at the same time it’s super creepy and really fun :>

(I will cry when I beat it)…


I’ve been trying to pinpoint exactly what tattoo(s)/piercing(s) I want.

Maybe something like this...

Stuff I’m Positive I Want

– My video game tattoo (which I should really plan out already).

– Belly button piercing

– Industrial

Stuff I’m Still Considering

– Something for my left bicep possibly incorporating a fleur de lys

– Tongue piercing (Although I lisp enough as it is; so I’ll probably never do this).

BTW, something I hate: When people are like “Ew, don’t get that kind of tattoo/piercing it’s so >insert reason to dislike it<.” AND THEN A WEEK LATER THEY START SAYING HOW IT’S SUCH A COOL IDEA AND THEY’RE GONNA DO IT. Grrrrr.


Another thing I don’t like: When a friend of mine says something not PC and I don’t really want to correct them but at the same time I do.

I’ll just put it like this.

Stuff You Really Shouldn’t Say

1. “Slow,” as in, “God I got all these questions wrong, I’m so slow!”

2. “No homo.” (This one especially makes me want to hit people).

3. “She’s so pretty but she’s a lesbian!” (My face: -_-)

4. “She looks like a man.” (To be honest, this phrase is part of my vocabulary and I really need to fucking stop it).

5. “I think everyone is really bisexual.” This seems like such a harmless thing to say, but it’s a sweeping statement that just really isn’t true. Homosexuals are really homosexual and heterosexuals are really heterosexual. That’s it for them.

There’s other stuff, but that’s off the top of my head and I’m sleepy. Time for me to go to sleep and not be able to fall asleep for two hours.


Why ‘Interview With the Vampire’ was the Most Influential Story From my Childhood Thursday, Mar 24 2011 

When I was little, we had a storeroom in the back of the house, and it had a box filled with my mom’s old books. Piers Anthony, Amy Tan… And Anne Rice.

My copy looks just like this, except a little more beat-up.

I was nine when I first read Interview With the Vampire, and subsequent re-readings have made me wonder if I really understood everything I was reading back then.

It got gayer while I wasn't looking.

But then I realized…

My life is pretty much based around this book. How so? Well, I don’t know if you noticed… But sometimes I write shit.

To be fair, a lot of this stuff overlaps.

When you combine the ‘Vampires’ part of the pie with the ‘Love’ part of the pie, (since I like writing about gay vampires in love), you’ll see that a large amount of the pie chart wouldn’t be possible without Interview.

Because guess who else liked writing about gay vampires.

“But Chey,” you begin, “I thought you said your life was based around this book! You just mentioned how it related to you writing!”

And to that I say, MY WRITING IS MY LIFE.


Three Things I Learned While Living With an Englishman Wednesday, Mar 16 2011 

For about a year, we, (as in my family), lived with Nick, the titular Englishman. Here’s a picture of him.

He's so sweet.

Anyway, living with dirty foreigners can, at times, be enlightening. Here’s some things I picked up.

1. Imitating Accents is Very Obnoxious

Oh my Lord. I never really thought about this before meeting Nick, because I was never very good at faking accents anyway. But after seeing how the kids he taught soccer to constantly made him audience to their best Harry Potter imitations, I revised my way of thinking.

(He didn’t even hit any of them! I was impressed.)

2. Christmas Crackers are the Best Thing in the World





Christmas crackers are these amazing… Things… That you rip apart with someone, (like a wishbone), and a prize pops out.

They're usually shitty.

However, they also come with jokes and a paper crown. So there’s that.
3. People From the Motherland, (As I affectionately refer to it), Drink. A lot.
Was I worried, when, one day, I found the fridge surprisingly filled to the brim with beer?

Obviously this is not my fridge because Nick doesn't drink any of that swill.

I was however, worried, when the fridge stood like that for the next year or so.
Phew, that wasn’t so bad, was it? I’m gonna be ballsy and say, ta-da, my blog is back on track with your weekly Thursday updates. Suggestions on shit to blog about would be helpful.