For about a year, we, (as in my family), lived with Nick, the titular Englishman. Here’s a picture of him.

He's so sweet.

Anyway, living with dirty foreigners can, at times, be enlightening. Here’s some things I picked up.

1. Imitating Accents is Very Obnoxious

Oh my Lord. I never really thought about this before meeting Nick, because I was never very good at faking accents anyway. But after seeing how the kids he taught soccer to constantly made him audience to their best Harry Potter imitations, I revised my way of thinking.

(He didn’t even hit any of them! I was impressed.)

2. Christmas Crackers are the Best Thing in the World





Christmas crackers are these amazing… Things… That you rip apart with someone, (like a wishbone), and a prize pops out.

They're usually shitty.

However, they also come with jokes and a paper crown. So there’s that.
3. People From the Motherland, (As I affectionately refer to it), Drink. A lot.
Was I worried, when, one day, I found the fridge surprisingly filled to the brim with beer?

Obviously this is not my fridge because Nick doesn't drink any of that swill.

I was however, worried, when the fridge stood like that for the next year or so.
Phew, that wasn’t so bad, was it? I’m gonna be ballsy and say, ta-da, my blog is back on track with your weekly Thursday updates. Suggestions on shit to blog about would be helpful.