Fuckin’ Commercials… Friday, Sep 3 2010 

If you watch a decent amount of TV, then maybe you’ve seen these commercials.

Know that I love them.


My favorite part has to be the first guy’s horrified “WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?!”

And that blonde girl. All of her.

My dad texted me the other day, quoting the commercial:


Me: Get a hold of yourself!


Me: You shoulda wrote that commercial XD

Dad: Yeah I get the point across


Lovin’ the pig’s nonchalant attitude when he gets home. xD


Two things:

1. What sort of horrible alcoholic is the guy who offers Sanjay the beer? Is that the universal way to comfort someone who finds out they’re adopted? I think not.

2. Why does the last guy look so disgusted? Here’s what I think was going on in his head:

‘”My parents just told me I was adopted,” said Sanjay. We all looked up at him. “They said… You weren’t born–” I tune Sanjay out, thinking about something that’s been nagging me ever since I met him.

Ted and Jerry rush up to comfort Sanjay, but I just stare out the window, waiting. I will have answers.

Sanjay smiles down at the Newcastle Brown Ale in his hands, and I sense my chance.

“Is that why your curry’s so bad?” I ask him, concealing my rage at eating his shitty curry for years…’

Well, now. Thursday, Aug 5 2010 

This is a lovely McDonald’s ad from France:

(Don’t worry, it’s subtitled).

I was prepared to rant about how you’d never see a commercial like this in America, and then I saw something.

It was an ad  by KY, [yeah, the lube], (can’t find a photo :/), showcasing “one of America’s top couples”— and it was two dudes.

A quote from the ad: “We were looking for a relationship built on communication, trust, and intimacy, and… from the… time we read their essay to… when they walked in the room for the photo shoot, their love shone through… They’re inspiring!”

It’s a start.


(Also, while on the subject, Prop 8/Hate was overturned! Yaaay for California! Now can we do the rest of the US? Or at least NJ?)