OCTOBER BOOK FEST Monday, Sep 8 2014 

I, like many others, don’t have much time to read nowadays, but this year I made a resolution to read at least 12 books. I’m not doing great with it, but the resolution has motivated me to read way more than I would have normally. Here’s the list of what I’ve read so far:

  1. A Lion’s Tale by Chris Jericho
  2. Undisputed: How to Become World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps by Chris Jericho
  3. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
  4. The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker
  5. American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

There’s so many great books out there, and so little time, and now October will soon be upon us, bringing with it three new books I totally want to read.

1. The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea by Chris Jericho (October 14th, 2014)


As you can probably tell from the list above, I really dig Chris Jericho’s memoirs. For those of you not in the know, Chris Jericho is a professional wrestler, and an all around magnet for crazy situations. Here’s a tiny sampling:

  • Being robbed at gunpoint in Mexico
  • Getting into a fistfight with THIS guy:


  • Tripping and falling into THIS guy’s arms:


And like I said, that’s just a tiny sampling of the entertaining randomness Chris Jericho often finds himself caught up in. His books are breezy reads and hilarious. He also doesn’t beat around the bush and is very honest about the behind the scenes going-ons at WWE. I’m very much looking forward to devouring his next piece.

2. Prince Lestat by Anne Rice (October 28th, 2014)


-screams for ten complete minutes-

I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THAT THIS IS A THING THAT IS HAPPENING and I probably won’t really believe it until I get to hold a copy in my grimy little hands. I’ve always loved The Vampire Chronicles, and the idea of a new one, eleven years after what was supposed to be the conclusion, excites me to no end, even though I have a really, really dirty secret:

I’ve never actually finished The Vampire Chronicles.


I’ve tried plenty of times! I’ve read Interview With the Vampire probably around ten times, (and it’s PHENOMENAL every time), but then I move on to The Vampire Lestat, and… I can’t finish it. It’s so freaking sad that I literally cannot bear it. Really. It bums me the fuck out and I always set it down in the same spot. I’VE TRIED THREE TIMES, NOW.

When I first heard about Prince Lestat in August of this year, I really wanted to try and burn through the chronicles to see if I could finish them in time for Prince Lestat, but I must’ve been smoking crack when I thought up that idea because it’s crazy talk. Still. I definitely need to finish this series already. Anne Rice is already planning a sequel to Prince Lestat, so maybe that can be my new deadline. 

3. As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales From the Making of The Princess Bride by Cary Elwes (October 14th, 2014)


As anyone else who has seen The Princess Bride, I flipping love it. It’s a fantastic movie, and an even better book. (Seriously. The book is amazing). My favorite edition of the book is the 30th Anniversary edition, which includes a lengthy introduction by William Goldman, in which he expounds upon the making of The Princess Bride movie. I always recommend this edition to friends, who without fail, always whine, “Do I have to read the introduction?” 

Okay, I kinda get it. The intro’s like 20 pages long alone. But it’s ALSO ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF THE BOOK. 

Because of my fervent love of that introduction, I can only hope that As You Wish… will deliver more awesome behind the scene stories. And even if it’s just a retread, or not all that great, it’s still a book about the making of The Princess Bride. I mean, when you’re buying books like this,


you’re probably willing to give anything a try. (That book is actually pretty decent)!


So there you have it! The October books I’m most excited for… I better not die before I get to read them!

Are you excited for any October releases? Have any of these piqued your interest?  

Why ‘Interview With the Vampire’ was the Most Influential Story From my Childhood Thursday, Mar 24 2011 

When I was little, we had a storeroom in the back of the house, and it had a box filled with my mom’s old books. Piers Anthony, Amy Tan… And Anne Rice.

My copy looks just like this, except a little more beat-up.

I was nine when I first read Interview With the Vampire, and subsequent re-readings have made me wonder if I really understood everything I was reading back then.

It got gayer while I wasn't looking.

But then I realized…

My life is pretty much based around this book. How so? Well, I don’t know if you noticed… But sometimes I write shit.

To be fair, a lot of this stuff overlaps.

When you combine the ‘Vampires’ part of the pie with the ‘Love’ part of the pie, (since I like writing about gay vampires in love), you’ll see that a large amount of the pie chart wouldn’t be possible without Interview.

Because guess who else liked writing about gay vampires.

“But Chey,” you begin, “I thought you said your life was based around this book! You just mentioned how it related to you writing!”

And to that I say, MY WRITING IS MY LIFE.