Well, now. Thursday, Aug 5 2010 

This is a lovely McDonald’s ad from France:

(Don’t worry, it’s subtitled).

I was prepared to rant about how you’d never see a commercial like this in America, and then I saw something.

It was an ad  by KY, [yeah, the lube], (can’t find a photo :/), showcasing “one of America’s top couples”— and it was two dudes.

A quote from the ad: “We were looking for a relationship built on communication, trust, and intimacy, and… from the… time we read their essay to… when they walked in the room for the photo shoot, their love shone through… They’re inspiring!”

It’s a start.


(Also, while on the subject, Prop 8/Hate was overturned! Yaaay for California! Now can we do the rest of the US? Or at least NJ?)

Welcome~ Saturday, Jun 19 2010 

Hello there and welcome to my blog  :)

I’m not one to pull my punches— I’m gonna take on CONTROVERSIAL and SO NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT subjects. YEAH SO THERE.

My first order of business shall be…


Ok, if you have a semblence of dignity, then you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ll explain.

There’s this show on Nickelodeon. It’s called “The Troop”. There’s a kid named Felix on this show.

And I am 90% sure that he is gay.

Why am I so sure?

1. He’s got most of the sterotypical gay mannerisms: exaggerated hand gestures, acts feminine and all the rest…

2. Look at what he’s wearing in one of the press release photos:


3. In one episode, he says, “Are you sure? A lot of people hate me. Our classmates, my parents, your parents, and a few clergymen.”

You know who clergymen hate?


I’m sooo sure this is an elaborate case of The Troop writers getting shit under the radar.

Either that, or the kid who plays Felix is gay. There’s SOME type of gayness going on here. I feel it, dammit.