Date One of My Biases! Sunday, Aug 11 2013 

So tonight, I finally finished my first game. Go me! I started this last year, worked on it for about a day, and then promptly forgot about it. I finally remembered it tonight, so I figured I should finish it up and put it out there for the world to enjoy.

It’s a short, completely ridiculous dating sim based around bedding my favorite k-pop idols. Click the link below to download it and get playing! I apologize in advance for any formatting issues/ugliness that occurs– PowerPoint loads differently on different computers, so things may look a little odd on your end.

Date One of Cheyanne’s Biases!

Once you’ve got the PowerPoint open on your computer, I would suggest going to the Slideshow tab, clicking ‘Set up SlideShow,’ and making sure the Slideshow is in Kiosk mode to prevent accidental clicks that might throw you off while you try to play the game.


PowerPoint Sunday, Sep 5 2010 

“PowerPoints? Ew, Chey. You’re making me think of school.”

I apologize for that. Anyway. I think they deserve a blog post.

“What deseves a blog post? And why? Damn your vauge-ness!”


I find them to be ridiculously fun. Even when I am made to do them for school. It’s just something about them…

They’re sexo.

Anyway. I’ve got 4 creative (made-for-fun) PowerPoints under my belt, sort of.

1. John Cusack PowerPoint, (dedicated to him; all about him; oh yes).

2. A choose your own adventure PowerPoint game. (Did I just give you a seizure with my nerdiness?) It’s unfinished.

3. Beautiful People PowerPoint— recently completed and my dad approves.

4. A PowerPoint dedicated to my anime obsessions— haven’t even started this one yet…


(If you’d like to see these PowerPoints, send me an e-mail or something. []).