Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (Pt. 1) Wednesday, Apr 20 2011 

Before the game actually begins, some events occur:

– Ariel, the guardian of the Pillar of Balance, is murdered. Her lover, Nupraptor, (also guardian of the Pillar of the Mind), thus goes crazy. His insanity affects the Pillars of Balance and the Mind, (which then poison Nosgoth), and all the Pillars began to break down. This break in the Pillars also allows the Hylden passage into Nosgoth; (the Pillars normally act like a lock, keeping the Hylden away). Not good.

Broken pillar :(

 – A scene from long ago is shown, which depicts the ancient vampire Vorador killing Sarafan priests. The protector of the Sarafan, Malek, shows up too late to save them, and is punished by Mortanius, the Guardian of the Pillar of Death. Mortanius melds Malek’s soul to his armor, ensuring that he will serve the Sarafan forever.

Poor guy.

And then, the events of the actual game begin!

Our main character, Kain, is murdered by some thugs and is brought back to life as a vampire by Mortanius.

He can do that cuz he's a necromancer, duh.

Kain quickly realizes his newfound vampirism is a curse, and he wants to a cure– NOW!

He goes to the Pillars and comes across the ghost of Ariel, who tells him there is no cure for his condition; only release. She suggests he can gain peace by curing Nosgoth, which can be achieved by killing the current, corrupted Guardians of the Pillars.

How could you not trust someone who looks like that?

Kain agrees to carry out this duty and Ariel leaves him with the warning, “Beware the Unspoken;” whatever that means!

Kain sets off to kill Nupraptor first. However, Kain is unable to kill Malek, protector of the Circle, who was with him. So Kain goes to the Oracle for advice. After rambling about ‘King Ottomar’ and the ‘Nemesis’, (whatever those could be!), the Oracle tells Kain to visit Vorador and ask him for advice, seeing how he fought Malek all those years ago.

So Kain goes to Vorador’s mansion.

Vorador is one of those dill vampires who likes to say things like, “This is our gift! We are gods! Remember the good old days when vampires used to just kill whoever they wanted?”

He's a bit of a dick, basically.

Kain holds Vorador in contempt, but is intrigued. Vorador offers Kain a ring that will summon him at will. With this in hand, Kain sets off to continue his systematic muder of the Circle of Nine. (The Guardians of the Pillars).

As Kain nears a tower where some of the Circle are hiding out, he encounters several strange monsters. It’s the Hylden! Oh noes! He kills them.

Here's a picture of Kain, btw, in case you were wondering wtf he looked like.

 Once inside the tower, Kain finds three guardians– DeJoule, Bane, and Anarcrothe. With them is Malek. Kain calls upon Vorador to take care of Malek, and Kain kills the remaining guardians, save Anarcrothe, who escapes.

Five guardians down, (Ariel, Nupraptor, Malek, DeJoule, and Bane), four to go!

Intro to the Legacy of Kain Videogames Wednesday, Apr 13 2011 

For starters, I’m aware that there was no post last week. Were you aware that I had no internet? Hmph.


I looove videogames, okay? Even the mediocre ones.

But not the ass ones.

A series of exceptionally good games are the Legacy of Kain games. They involve…


Time travel...

One cool-ass sword...

And whatever the fuck that is.

The games take place in the fictional land of Nosgoth. These are the Pillars of Nogoth:

Sexy, no?

They stretch to the heavens and keep Nosgoth healthy. If someone took an axe to them, a minus wave would spread across the land, and, basically, BAD SHIT WOULD GO DOWN.

To prevent shit like that, each Pillar has a Guardian. The Guardian becomes spritually and mentally linked to their Pillar, and they… You know… Guard it.

Now for some Nosgoth-ian history! Take notes; THERE WILL BE A TEST BITCHES.

(I’m lying).

But anyway, waay back in the day, there were three groups:

  • The Sarafan
  • The Vampires
  • The Hylden

The Sarafan were human priests, who really, really hated the vampires because they thought they were EVIL. The Sarafan hunted a bunch of vampires down and killed them all. A few managed to go into hiding.

The Vampires are exactly that, vampires.

The Hylden are mysterious beings/demon-like things not native to Nosgoth. They’re from another dimension, and they manage to enter Nosgoth through rips in the time-space cloth, basically. Whenever BAD SHIT GOES DOWN, they’re usually around, making things worse.

Because theyre assholes.

That concludes Nosgoth History 101. Return next time to find out the events that go down in the orgasmic first game!

(Just smile and pretend like you care, please).