Ariel tells Kain to go after Azimuth, the Guardian of the Pillar of Dimension, next. She’s currently ruling the theocracy of Avernus– so Kain goes over there, ready to get his murder on.

Azimuth. Could you imagine someone like the Pope in a get-up like this?!

Once he gets there, he discovers even more Hylden swarming about. All the townspeople have been killed by the monsters, and the remaining few are assumedly in dire straits.

Kain makes his way to the cathedral Azimuth lives in, and finds a creepy tome alluding to a cult based around the worship of the god Hash’ak’gik. The passage also alludes that there’s been some ritual human sacrifice to the god going on.

Because, really, who doesn't love ritual human sacrifice?

In the next room, however, Kain finds it… The Soul Reaver! It’s a super powerful sword of sexiness that forcefully seperates it’s victims souls from their bodies… And consumes it. It has other nifty features as well, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

After some more exploring, Kain finally stumbles upon Azimuth and finds that she was summoning the Hylden, along with Anarcrothe. He kills her and finds a Time-Streaming Device among her possessions. (I know, I know; “WTF IS A ‘TIME-STREAMING DEVICE’?” Kain doesn’t know either. You’ll find out in due time).

 Upon returning to Ariel for further counsel, Ariel tells Kain that he must stop The Nemesis next. The Nemesis is the army of William the Just, who apparently became corrupted by power and decided to stop being ‘Just’, and start an empire. Now The Nemesis is moving across Nosgoth, getting their conquer on.

Kain however, being just one vampire, is skeptical as to how he alone is supposed to stop an entire army. But Ariel has a solution: Kain will go to Willendorf, and convince King Ottmar to militarize against the oncoming Nemesis. So Kain goes to do that, but there’s one problem– the King is utterly distraught by his daughter’s sudden coma.

Yup, looks pretty distraught to me.


Apparently, the King held a contest for his daughter’s birthday: whoever made her the best doll for her would get a royal favor. The winner is Elzevir, the dollmaker, (which makes sense I guess). All he wants is a lock of the princess’ hair, and, (because no one finds this creepy at all), he gets it. Soon after, the princess entered her coma.

Seriously? You'd trust a guy who looked like that?

One does not have to be a genius to infer that Elzevir probably has something to do with the princess’ condition, and the army is scattered around looking for him. Kain figures things will go faster if he goes to kick the dollmaker’s ass himself, so he does. It turns out that Elzevir had trapped the princess’ soul in the doll– the King’s sorcerors are able to use it to return the princess’ soul to her.

Kain asks Ottmar to call back his troops so they can march against the Nemesis. Otmmar does so, but there’s one problem– they lose. Horribly. Everybody’s dead, and, at a loss, Kain uses the Time-Streaming Device, hoping that it’ll do something useful.


Kain finds himself on the same battlefield he once stood on, but without all the dead bodies and stuff. He’s gone fifty years into the past, and Moebius, Guardian of the Pillar of Time, is just a few yards away, rallying a crowd to rise agains the vampires, (which there are very few of left to begin with). 

Moebius, sexiest Guardian of The Circle, no doubt.

Kain decides to go after William the Just and kill him, so he can’t become the Nemesis in the future. Once he arrives at William’s castle, however, he comes upon an odd scene. William and Moebius are talking to each other, and Moebius tells William that a vampire, (Kain), is going to attack him. He also gives William a weapon to defend himself with. Kain storms in and finds that the weapon Moebius gave William is the Soul Reaver!

But you still have your Soul Reaver, as well. The thing about the Soul Reaver is, it exists outside of the time. That’s how sexy it is. It also allows for and can cause paradoxes in the timeline. It is the only object able to do so.

Even with the Soul Reaver, William is no match for Kain.

Here's a cute stained glass window illustrating the event.

However, William’s guards see Kain kill him. Kain thinks nothing of this and goes to the next room, where he finds another, very-conviently placed Time-Streaming Device. He uses it and is sent fifty years into the future– back to the original timeline, except, no Nemesis!

But something is awry. Kain smells vampire blood and finds that the source of it is an execution– of Vorador! Moebius looks on as Vorador is beheaded, and then fingers Kain as being the last vampire remaining. In the fifty years since William’s murder by a vampire, (Kain), Moebius has managed to convince the humans to exterminate every vampire in existence, and they’ve been pretty successful.

Posing as the Oracle; leaving the Time-Streaming Devices in Kain’ path; giving William the Soul Reaver– Moebius has been manipulating Kain from the very beginning, just so this outcome could be reached. Upon realizing all of this, Kain finds that he is not amused and beheads Moebius with his sword.

Kain returns to the Pillars and sees Mortanius and Anarcrothe, the remaining guardians, arguing. Mortanius understands that all the guardians must die so that the corruption can be flushed out– so he kills Anarcrothe. Kain then reveals himself and kills Mortanius. Yay! Mission accomplished. All the Guardians are dead… Or are they?

As soon as Kain turns his back, Mortanius rises again, possessed by the Hylden Lord. He is the one who originally killed Ariel, causing the corruption in the first place.

Plus he's quite evil looking.


Kain kills him too, and Ariel comes to Kain with a choice. As it turns out, Kain is the new Guardian of the Pillar of Balance. He has been since his birth, because Ariel died at the same time. However, since he’s been a Guardian all this time, he has been corrupted all this time, just like the other Guardians.

His choice is this: die, and allow Nosgoth to become balanced again, or continue living and let Nosgoth fall into further decay.

Now, I don’t know if you noticed– but Kain kills a lot, and he only does things because people order him around to. To tell the truth, Kain really doesn’t give two shits about Nosgoth– he’s the last of his race and he’s been manipulated long enough. He chooses to continue living, and the game ends with him choosing the decaying Pillars as his new throne.