Things that Isaiah, my father, my cousin Davin and I have discovered whilst in Florida.

– GPS sattelites are designed to make you go through all the tolls. Also, they’re bitches.

– Cartoons have changed since Davin and I were watching them.

– “Cute” is the girl way of saying “gangsta”.

– The Golden Corral has “strict policies”. They too are bitches.

– Isaiah has incestual feelings for Davin.

– Riding the hotel’s hand trolleys is a good way of showing them how you feel about their establishment.

– Wet carpets not only smell like shit; they’re quite slippery.

– Davin looks like a starving female with his shirt off.

– “Skank” is indeed a loving term.


Just a little something to tide you over.

Also, I’m sorry if you thought this would be about the band New Order. It’s not.